With the fast growing numbers of people across the planet everyone is concerned with their environmental impact.
An unprecedented amount of services providers in the travel industry are attempting to become more environmentally responsible.
Bus charter companies, limousines and special vehicles traditionally powered by gasoline and petroleum products are switching
to hybrid electric technology, bio diesel fuel or natural compressed gas (ncg) minimizing the CO2 emission to protect the air
we breathe.

Also, many restaurants are increasingly requesting a diverse line of green products from their distributors and after two decades
of working to improve the restaurant industry’s environmental impact some solutions has finally come to the forefront.

The hotel industry is also greening up its act. Many big chains have made simple changes such as switching from incandescent
lights to fluorescent eco-light bulbs and some have even implemented waste management, energy and heat conservation programs
or by introducing laundry systems that use no hot water and biodegradable detergent.

We at landtravelers are totally aware of all efforts made by the travel industry to provide clean eco-services to all travelers and
we want to be part of this must do campaign by integrating all available eco-friendly service providers as main components on any
products or services we provide to our environmentally minded clients.